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First Diner™ Program

Some CommunityRestaurants.com eateries offer special promotions to first time customers who dine in or carry out. These establishments are indicated by the First Diner™ icon displayed on their profile. The promotion may be in the form of a special greeting from the proprietor or chef, or it may be an exclusive dining incentive. Use the Search feature below to determine if your chosen restaurant participates in the First Diner™ program.

Please print any certificate or promotion and take it with you when you dine. As you are being seated or once your server greets your table, be sure to mention that you are participating in the CommunityRestaurants.com First Diner™ program so your patronage can be recognized. If you are choosing carry out, we suggest you inform the person who takes your order or the cashier that you are a First Diner™ patron.

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First Diner™ are also eligible to win trips and prizes from CommunityRestaurants.com for patronizing local establishments!

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