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About this Site

CommunityRestaurants.com is a website that was created to promote Independent Restaurants and Caterers by providing area residents and travelers with detailed information for making the decision to enjoy The Independent Experience™.  

Why should you choose an Independent Community Restaurant over a chain?  If you’re visiting an area unknown to you, whether it’s for business reasons or pleasure, dining at a local establishment will add to your fond memories of your experience in the community. During your meal you will meet the local people and learn about the history of the area.  If you live in the community, your patronizing hometown eateries connect you with friends, old and new, while offering unique dining experiences.  For those who choose to take out, or require delivery, you will enjoy the benefits of patronizing local businesses that offer the high quality foods prepared the way you like.  And don't forget to tell a manager or owner that you learned about their restaurant on CommunityRestaurants.com.

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